Deep Space 7 – January 2, 2019

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

New year, new you!

December has come and gone and we bid farewell to 2018. The month has brought me a new pip after completing and passing the CO Academy (Can I get a WHAT WHAT??) and, with it, an excitement to jump start into the new year with our first mission. LINK has made a brief connection with Ira and Admiral McGuinness and with it some new developments and a hint at what's to come for the crew of Deep Space 7. I look forward to pushing ahead and really getting the shenanigans going.

Crew Updates

Two new members!

Lieutenant Levi Velderman - Head of Starfleet Security played by Jinx
Ensign Saisol Lúthersdóttir - Engineering Officer played by Pavi

I still have a few DHead slots to fill to round out our already amazing crew.

Story Elements

Mission 1 - LINK

An intelligence-focused mission with some Ian Flemming inspired elements is my bread and butter. I enjoy the tension and mystery behind spy stories and really making my writers think and be creative with their characters. Should be interesting...

Other Information

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