USS Defiant – December 20, 2018

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

We're finally bouncing back from my injury and activity has recovered along with me. I've made a series of minor tweaks to the website in addition to planning our adjusted Season 3 mission statement. Our Discord channel has been overhauled for better organization.

We've begun a new recruiting push which I hope will yield some new crew.

We're also putting together a news item I'll be pushing out momentarily.

Crew Updates

No change in crew since last month. There will be a handful of promotions, but those will take place following the imminent completion of this arc. I will be opening up awards nominations soon, as well.

There are still several positions which we're looking to fill:
*Chief Helm Officer
*Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Communications Officer
*Chief Counselor
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Any Science Specialist

Assistant Chiefs or Specialists in All Departments upon Request
Enlisted Positions Available in All Departments upon Request

*Most sought after

Story Elements

We are rapidly closing on the end of Episode 3s plot.

The USS Defiant is docked at Starbase Arcadia and a baryon purge has been ordered to illiminate any supposed stowaway parasites. However, the Defiant crew are aware that this is a ploy to take the ship temporarily out of commission. Admiral Haster, the CO of the Starbase, is infected with one of the parasites, along with an unknown number of station personnel.

To make matters worse, the station is about to host a war council with numerous important officers and dignitaries. The Defiant crew are now in a race against time to uncover the nature of the parasites' plot, and how to stop it.

Other Information

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Updated: December 20, 2018

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