SS Fawkes – December 29, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Finished implementing the achievements and activated the first mission. Also added the manifest picture for our newest crewmember. Also added a news story to the Obsidian Fleet website for the first time.

Crew Updates

Same crew as last month, still looking for a Quartermaster. The quartermaster position on the Fawkes will be responsible for supplies and logistics and everything surrounding the Passengers. This is the last Player Character position I need to fill to get a full crew.

Story Elements

The Fawkes launched, after extensive repairs in the start-up phase of the sim. Story progress has been a bit slow lately due to real life budding in, especially around the holidays. I've sent out a message to the crew that I'm committed to the Fawkes and that we'll be taking 2019 head on!

Other Information


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