USS Vesta- Dec-18

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USS Vesta- Dec-18

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

Well, what is there to be said about December, except that nothing happens and that's all right. This is of course the long way of us saying that we didn't really change anything on the site, or in our online presence. But that's our New Year's Resolution, to change things.

Crew Updates

Crew was wonderfully static this month, although I have a feeling that will change next month. Stay tuned to find out more here soon.

Story Elements

We ironed out a few "behind the scenes" details about our sim, things we needed to get the mission (where we accidentally violate the Prime Directive twice, and invade a sovereign alliance's space) back on track. We expect to see some serious upward motion next month, as we finish off a few details, and get towards the climax.

Other Information

We are currently working on cleaning up our roster and opening up spots for those interested. It's been a slow... year... for us, so in an effort to fix that, we are going to be working on getting the finer bits of life organized, and back on track.



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