USS Defiant- Feb-19

USS Defiant- Feb-19

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

There have been several aesthetic changes to the site, mostly in terms of visuals.
We have further expanded on board locations, including a new Observation Lounge. Crew quarter assignments are finally complete.
I plan to continue our recruiting efforts going forward.

Crew Updates

Lieutenant Jace Eldridge has joined as our new CMO.

Positions we are seeking most:
Assistant Chief Science Officer or one of our Science Specialists
Chief Intelligence Officer
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
Security/Tactical Officer

A few promotions will be taking place soon, but I'll include them on next month's report. (Posts are still underway)

Story Elements

Things have STILL been very busy on Defiant.

Unable to prevent the launch of the USS Indomitable, the Defiant crew have been pursing the renegade craft. The parasites are going to attempt an act of biological warfare against Qo'nos which would lock the Federation and Klingons in an endless war. To prevent a catastrophe of galactic proportions, the Defiant crew needs to stop the parasites by defending their old foes. We are currently approaching Qo'nos. The actual confrontation with the ship is possibly a day or two (real time) away. Upon the conclusion of this, we will be entering a brief lull as we prepare for a more episodic "Season 3".

Other Information



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