Haumea Colony – Feb-19

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Haumea Colony – Feb-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

As per noted last month, we have fully moved ourselves to the Nova site! This will allow us better adaptability and a bigger footprint for the Colony, as well as freeing myself up to former technical issues that may have cropped up with the forum. I'm going to move forward with Haumea's overall lore in the next month, and prepare the Colony not just for the coming missions, but inter-fleet activities such as war games and upcoming shore leaves that may want to take place on the colony itself.

Crew Updates

We have three new members!

Our Chief Medical Officer position is now taken by Lieutenant Isabeau San Cyr M.D.
Our Chief Counselor position is now taken by Lieutenant Commander Sofia Nikedoros
Finally, our Chief Microbiologist arrival is Lieutenant Jackson Parks!

We have a shift in positions for one of our members as well, and our Chief Operations Officer position is (temporarily) taken up by Lieutenant Sera Williams. There are reasons for this, which will be revealed all in good time.

Story Elements

Our Deep Freeze mission is coming along nicely, with our new members being added into the fold. It's a slow-going mission, as the investigation on the Io is the first of many subjects the crew wishes to deal in, but we're slowly advancing into our main territory.

Other Information

Despite a minor keyboard kerfuffle on my own part, and some unforeseen crew LOAs, we have managed to pump out eight whole posts (with a fifteen participation points), with a good handful in the works behind the scenes. I'm looking forward to working with the crew to make this experience great!



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