USS Majestic – Feb-19

USS Majestic – Feb-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

Small updates such as changing the year to reflect the rest of the fleet. We discussed a redesign but people seem to like the red because it's different from a lot of other sims so it looks like that will be staying, at least for now.

Crew Updates

We gained two new members this month and lost no one. Welcome to Lieutenant (jg) T'Par, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer and Lieutenant Commander Aldrich, Chief Science Officer!

And as we are at the end of our missions, Awards are coming as well as Promotions, finally!

Our open positions include:
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Story Elements

We are at the very end of our mission, the last post in fact. The big reveal about who our saboteur is . . . how the Creoli react to losing their Ambassador and the reason this happened in the first place.

Concurrent with that we have started writing Shoreleave posts. We are visiting the lovely planet of Marga III, very similar to Earth, has everything anyone could want for a vacation spot and a big dark secret that will pull us in after we've had a bit of sun and sand.

Other Information

I want to thank the crew for their awesome hard work. We've had a lot of fun with this mission, and some side missions that we came up with along the way. I really feel like each character on this sim is so unique and so real and it's been a joy to see what they've come up with.



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