S.S. Fawkes – Feb-19

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S.S. Fawkes – Feb-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

The S.S. Fawkes has officially been granted the 18+ age restriction, which will allow us to explore the fringe of the Federation more realistically. It fits with the characters already on the vessel and the storylines planned in the near future (as well as grants more freedom in the storyline we're currently running). All the crew currently active on the vessel have agreed to the age change and notified me in a timely manner. The website, and the Fawkes entry on the OF website, has been updated to reflect this change.

Crew Updates

I'm now back up to a full crew complement, with a new Engineer and a new Master-at-Arms. Since I want to keep the Fawkes small and realistic this means that currently there are no open positions available to new players. For the current players I held a vote at the end of the last storyline (our 'pilot' so to speak) and I award achievements based on those votes. The votes came in as follows:
The 'There's something in my eye'-achievement for the most emotionally moving post goes to: Long Walk Home https://starshipfawkes.nl/index.php/sim/viewpost/5
The 'Open Mic Night'-achievement for funniest post goes to: Midnight Acquaintances https://starshipfawkes.nl/index.php/sim/viewpost/17
The 'Kind of a big deal'-achievement for most influential crewmember during the storyline goes to: Mayterial Droz

In addition to this everybody on board has been working really hard to make this first true storyline a success and have been racking up achievements associated with this specific mission.

Story Elements

With the key turning point in our current storyline introduced we've really kicked everything into gear. Everybody has been really taking the plot and ran with it, creating amazing posts and a very interesting set up for the coming month to get through this difficult (and potentially hazardous) situation.

Additionally I've implemented the 'Short Treks' side-board (inspired by the anthology series that released prior to season 2 of Discovery) for anything that is not related to the current storyline and set in a different era, universe or involving characters unrelated to the Fawkes' main crew. This is an opportunity for the crew to stretch their creative legs and hopefully will give us some room and opportunity to diversify as writers and perhaps inspire each other and the regular storyline we're running.

Other Information

After taking a patient approach I feel we've created an amazing writing environment with amazing, engaged and active writers. This has rewarded all of us with an active sim and interesting progression in the main story we're currently running.



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