USS Elysium- Feb-19

USS Elysium- Feb-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

We updated to the Nova 2.1.5 with thanks to Barstow for his wonderful walk though.
We have a few site issues which we are hoping will be resolved.

We are grateful for the awards given out. My Chief of Flight control is extremely pleased to be character of the year! And I am very proud of the work my sim does and how that helped me gain the award I did.

Crew Updates

We gained two new characters, with Ensign S'hib and a new counselor, who had to unfortunately leave due to personal issues. We also have one pending player bio.

We also lost our longtime and much beloved Chief Engineer to real life passing. We created a memorial page for our long time player who passed away this week. and in his honor we created the Matias Grronkil's Award for Engineering Excellence

We will miss Marc the player of Matias, as we will miss our mattress eating CHENG. His assistant Chief is stepping up as acting for the time being.

All crew, Marc included have been awarded the 2nd Birthday award, as Elysium celebrated her second birthday under my command on the 27/2/19.

Story Elements

We are wrapping the current mission as of today, and starting a 2 week R&R before launching into our next one. This of course has been hampered by our posting issues.

Our upcoming Mission is Season 3: Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word

Other Information

Sim statistics

Users 23
Playing Characters 22
NPCs 26
Mission Posts 41
Personal Logs 3
Totals 44
Avg Mission Posts / User† 1.78
Avg Personal Logs / User† 0.13
Avg Entries / User† 1.91



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