USS Rhea – Feb-19

USS Rhea – Feb-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

We are updating our story telling processes in order to better utilize the crew. We are taking out lead from TNG where each episode or mission will really shine the spotlight on certain people every mission. This allows everyone to get their moment to shine and forces our characters to grow as the dynamic characters that they are. I am also about to start a campaign to make the Rhea's internet footprint a little bigger.

Crew Updates

During the last month, we have welcomed a new Flight Control Officer. Ensign Stavi has already jumped in and has begun her journey with us.

As for openings for the Rhea, we would really like to fill our Chief Engineer spot. It's a position that the current mission needs as well as an important role going forward. We are also in need of a Counselor since our last was promoted to XO. I like Counselors to a major part of the Bridge crew as well as act as a sort of Diplomat in certain situations.

Story Elements

Current Mission: "Ticket to Ride"
We are currently in a transitory mission. We have split up the crew into those on the Holodeck doing a Wild West train robbery while the other half will be dealing with a photonic entity that has invaded the ship. On the Holodeck, events take a deadly turn as the ship crew attempts to reason with the being.

Next Mission: "Absolution"
This will mark the debut of our new storytelling mechanic. The Rhea will be called to Cardassian space to hunt down a rogue Gul who has been wrecking havoc on the still rebuilding Cardassian Union. As the Rhea dives deep into the search, a great threat will be revealed.

Other Information

(As of 25 Feb)
Players: 11
Mission Posts: 36
Avg Mission Posts / User: 3.27
Received Applications: 1
Accepted Applications: 1
Pending Applications: 0



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