– March 1, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Not too many changes to the website, like I have said why reinvent the wheel. Anything done to the site was random updates and regular maintenance. Still working on a few updates but overall I am pleased with the site and unless something shiny and newer comes up (Nova 3) well I won't be making too many changes to the site.

Crew Updates

This month saw several changes in the crew, which is a normal thing that happens from time to time on any game. You gain and at times you lost players. The Command Team as hit the recruitment trial and will be focusing on getting new players over the next month.

Key Positions Needing Filled:
Chief Security Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Flight Control

28 posts this month.

Story Elements

With the change in crew the current missions has taken on a few changes, mainly the discovery of a new type of Borg.

Mission Teaser:

The Federation, Starfleet are explorers by nature. To seek out new life and new civilizations is a credence still held in high regard at all levels of Starfleet. This is why the news of a new warp capable civilization has caught the eye of the Federation and instigated the need to send out a vessel on a diplomatic mission of first contact. Arriving at the planet, Commodore Harrington and the crew find themselves greeted by a race known as the Aeryans amidst a festival of celebration of their technological advance.

The thing is, how did they get there? Was it truly evolution that brought this species to warp capability or were other forces assisting the Aeryans? As Harrington and the crew work to establish diplomatic relationship with the Aeryans, they soon learn that maybe this first contact was not only the will of the Federation...

Perhaps diplomacy was not what the Aeryans had in mind......

Other Information

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