February 2020

February 2020


Sim Updates

Nothing enormous changes-wise. Was going to do some playing around with the manifest but I broke the site so backtracked on that!

Some wiki updates to include previous mission info.

Crew Updates

No changes from last month. I'm definitely of the opinion we're maybe one or two members short of ideal; activity is reasonably solid for now, I think we just need one more active player to keep the balance right. Actively been recruiting for an Ops chief or a Helm officer.

Story Elements

"In The Family"
The USS Athena has been diverted from patrol to escort a Federation ambassador, Lady Donatella Hortensia of Elas, to the remote Paratus system to facilitate a new member world joining the Federation. The Ambassador is demanding and dismissive towards the Starfleet crew, preferring to travel on her own luxury liner and refusing to cooperate.
Upon their arrival at Paratus, the ships are attacked by a squadron of small ships that, while no match for the Athena, kamikaze the Ambassador's ship, leaving her in a coma and her inexperienced envoy the only official diplomat on board.
With questions already being asked, Commander Kane orders the crew onward to Paratus, appointing his XO to lead the negotiations with the highly matriarchal Paratans and their queen. Meanwhile the crew work on understanding just who attacked them - and why they bear the royal crest of the queen's brother...

Other Information

Posting levels for the last month: 15 mission posts, at an average rate of 1.88 per player. (This might look odd after last couple of reports, but I've updated the reporting settings to log individual posts rather than contributions)
Some folks are definitely more active and willing than others, but we're still a youngish sim and the actual quality of what's being produced is very good.



Submitted By: omen064
Posted: February 25, 2020 2:47 pm
Updated: February 25, 2020