Gladiator’s September 2020 Monthly Report

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Gladiator’s September 2020 Monthly Report


Sim Updates

No major changes at this time.

Crew Updates

Lieutenant Junior Grade Elodia Jones - Removed do to inactivity thanks to real life.

Story Elements

Dream Catcher

The USS Gladiator detects a weak signal while charting out a little known sector. It's a signal that can not be ignored, but when the ship arrives at the planet they find a civilization they never expected. A disguised away team is sent to the surface and they find themselves in a large tribal village ruled by a very young princess striving to comfort her terrified people, and keep a controlling Shaman who desires to control her at bay.

The away team finds that people are sleep-walking, leaving their homes, their work, their family and disappearing. While the princess has a knack for healing the ill does not understand what is happening to her people and where they are going. Despite their efforts, the away team is noticed by the princess, and they find themselves in the middle of a prime directive quandary.

Other Information

Due to Real Life situations, we had a slow month. We are expecting a much more active month as things are getting back on track for the command staff.



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Updated: October 1, 2020