Haumea Colony – July 19

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Haumea Colony – July 19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

There have been few updates on the back end in this respect. Business as usual.

Crew Updates

It's been a pretty busy month for Haumea Colony! We have a pending application and have had plenty of traction on interest! We have FOUR!!!! whole new characters to add to our crew, Ensign James Goodnight as Intelligence Consultant, Lieutenant Misaki Nakanabi as our Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant JG Miracle Swiftclaw as Chief Support Flight Controller, and Cornelius Warner as a civilian brewmaster!

With this, we've closed off active recruitment at eleven members with a pending application in the works. People are still welcome to join up! Our open positions are as follows:

Open Starfleet Positions

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Microbiologist
Multiple Sub Departmental Science Chiefs
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief of Strategic Operations

Open Civilian Positions
Head of Medical
Head of Engineering
Chief Logistician
Business Owners!

If you see this and find yourself interested, please drop Shi (discord #pandashi8685) a line or find me on the main OF discord!

Story Elements

Canary has officially begun! Deep Freeze is coming to a close, and Snowbirds is about to close down as well, leaving the group to focus on our most recent storyline yet. The scandal of Starfleet Intelligence trying to shut down a scientific finding... what will happen? Come find out!

Other Information

We have had such a busy month, and I'm so glad for it. Everyone had some form of vacation or life hiccup that kept them from the site, and even then, we've managed to churn out over our usual post average, finish a mission, and have plenty of ideas for the future. I could not be more grateful to see everyone use Haumea as their little playground!



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