Haumea Colony – June 2020

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Haumea Colony – June 2020


Sim Updates

While our missions have not changed or shifted, and we've only stayed on course as per normal, we've won Unit of Merit for May! Woo! We have a great collaborative set-up, so I expect we'll be able to continue our course as we typically are, especially when I continue to make back-end changes and updates.

Which reminds me, I've finally gone through and begun the shift in the Nova manifest. Quite a few bits and pieces still have not been updated since the Nova site began almost two years ago, and while I am wholly at fault for that, we're making strides now! With the shift in manifest, I've also begun the process of creating floor listings for the Command Center. That's going through a process now, but after that comes the Medical and Science Facilities. Maybe soon we'll have maps! And visuals! (oooooooo)

Crew Updates

We've sadly had to part ways with Sean and Esimed due to personal and life reasons, and while it's sad to see them go, we've obtained two new members! Eric is playing our Chief of Engineering, Lieutenant Alan Harrison, as well as Reilyn as Caithlyn t'Leiya, our new Civilian Director! With these two new members, our total holds at 8 and our open positions are as follows:

Starfleet Open Positions

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Flight Operations Officer
Multiple Assistant Chiefs

Open Civilian Positions

Maintenance Head
Chief of Haumea Police
Business Owners
Your Great Ideas!

Story Elements

Our story has progressed slowly, but we're making efforts towards multiple subplots as well as adding and shifting our overall plot to include both new members and the various ideas that pop forth. If you're curious, why not join?

Other Information

Post Count Breakdown

Actual Post Count: 8 Posts
Nova-Given Post Count: 15 Members Participated
Word Count: According to word counter, 13,155 words

We're staying on pace and on clip for us! Even with all the busy that surged up throughout the month, we made a busy month all the better. Here's to hoping for the same standard if not more!



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