Haumea Colony – May 2020

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Haumea Colony – May 2020


Sim Updates

Major updates coming down the line! With the new shift in colony garrison ship rules, we've taken up a Merian starship as opposed to the former two Wallaces and a Hornet. Minor housekeeping past that, but there's a skin and work to the wiki have resumed.

Crew Updates

Member Count: 8

No official members have been removed, though we've done a slight bit of housekeeping. We have added one more to our ranks! We've found our Chief Science Officer in Lieutenant Commander Jott Brott!

Story Elements

With the official close of Canary, the group looks toward Equivalent Exchange. That story plot, which has not changed, is as follows:

The time for consequences has come. Within the past eight months, a ship has exploded, civilian unrest is high, and orders have been left all but ignored. Captain Luka Mahone is taken off of the colony while he answers for his actions, leaving the members of the crew to deal with the likes of Commander Koplo, who is ready to institute changes on the colony as a whole. All the while, news of a civilian science group and Romulan colonists whisk through the rumor mill, causing all sorts of commotion!

This plot will include politics, technological advancement, and the hints of adventure! Please join in!

Other Information

Post Count Breakdown

Actual Post Count: 8 Posts
Nova-Given Post Count: 15 Members Participated
Word Count: Around about 13,200 words, rounded down from actual numbers.

We did a heck of a ton of good this month, likely because we're all being jumpstarted with a new burst of energy. While our count is sitting at a good number and we're at a good continued clip, I wanted to illustrate just how we went about our posts. I'm proud to add our word count to each and every monthly report starting this month, to give a good idea how much work we put into our posts!



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