Haumea Colony – November 28, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

There's been a major lore drop in our database concerning the planet that the colony resides on, all set up for Mission One's arrival. With our crew updates (listed below), it brings our number to six and we can pull out of our RIO period. I intend to do that by mid-December, pulling us right into our next mission and actual interaction with the colony. In the next month, we will be moving in the direction of a little more activity and a lot more story-driven missions.

Crew Updates

Due to recruitment efforts, we have added the following characters:

Alex Flynn, Sumi Saloon Manager
Diane Kent, Haumea Colony News Reporter

I'd like to put a little more emphasis on Starfleet this month, so I'm heavily recruiting for the following positions:

Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Counselor on Staff
Chief Operations Officer

Any interested parties should bring it up with me via discord (nodashib #8685).

Story Elements

With Groundwork coming to a close, we're going to move straight into life on the colony with our next mission, Deep Freeze. As our RIO mission is not fully complete, I do not wish to divulge many details, but those will come on our next report.

Other Information

Our month was slow, as we had a few life issues crop up in the crew, and I was drowning under a pile of turkeys. We did manage to get a couple of posts out, with every current member holding a participation point or two within it. We have a slow going on some current posts, but I plan on having those posted in December.

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