Haumea Colony – Oct-18

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Haumea Colony – Oct-18

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

No major simulation updates to the website, though I am slowly working on gathering my information together to construct the planet and polling members to ask what they'd like to see out of the colony, given the specifications of the colony-class base of course.

I've also been working closely with the Fleet Communications Department to see what I can do about recruiting, including a simulation spotlight as well as smaller recruitment efforts.

Crew Updates

Theodore Winslow has been added to the manifest roster as our Starfleet Chief of Security, which rounds out our number to four players with full on player characters.

Important Open Positions
Chief Science Officer (and multiple science positions)
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Council Members
Civilian Characters

Story Elements

We're still deep in our RIO, which has admittedly been slower going no thanks in part to a kerfuffle of life throwing a wrench in the works. However, I'm working on sparking some posts into our current player gathering, now that I've thrown the wrench back at life!

Other Information

Monthly Post Count: 3
Participation: 5



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