Haumea Colony – September 2020

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Haumea Colony – September 2020


Sim Updates

With most of the activity tree shaken and a few minor details ironed out, Haumea is on-course as scheduled. We missed a couple of things here and there, but with Equivalent Exchange coming to a close and the rumblings of Frizzle looming overhead, it is only a matter of time before we get ourselves moving.

Crew Updates

Unfortunately, the shaking of the activity tree has us knocking off the Chief Medical Officer, leaving us with an open position for those who wish for it. Recruitment will begin on the position soonish. We have one remaining ELOA, and another who I had to put on LOA due to life issues.

Starfleet Open Positions

Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Flight Operations Officer
Multiple Assistant Chiefs

Open Civilian Positions

Head of Hospital
Chief of Haumea Police
Business Owners
Your Great Ideas!

Story Elements

None of note at the moment.

Other Information

Word Count: 7,805
Total Number of Posts: 4



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