Haumea Colony – July 2020

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Haumea Colony – July 2020


Sim Updates

The site has moved! We've gone from Utopia Host to Stormy Hosting. As this has occurred a couple of days ago, we are still in a work in progress situation. Aside from that, we've hit a very minor stall point and not much has occurred in terms of simulation updates.

Crew Updates

I've had to put out a couple of LOAs, but we have added a new member to our crew! Jossen Kassus MD, our newest, is also a provisional Lieutenant and our Chief of Medicine! This brings our number total up to 9! Yay!

Starfleet Open Positions

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Flight Operations Officer
Multiple Assistant Chiefs

Open Civilian Positions

Head of Hospital
Chief of Haumea Police
Business Owners
Your Great Ideas!

Story Elements

Our storyline has gone at a wonderful clip. With the addition of a Chief of Medicine, we can now advance to add more plots involving the colony's medical hospital, which is a joint-run operation!

Other Information

Despite us having our post standard, I'd like to continue my tradition of the post breakdown.

Actual Post Count: 6 Posts
Nova-Given Post Count: 14 Members Participated
Word Count: 12,806

Overall I think we hit it pretty spot on.



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