USS Imperator – Sim Report – May-19

USS Imperator – Sim Report – May-19

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

No major updates.

Crew Updates

Lieutenant Dessame Sar departed the chief of security role.

Story Elements

Into the Forest of the Night: Following a lengthy repair period, Imperator is re-launched with a new Commanding Officer, Captain Thomas Winter, to pursue a rogue Starfleet Captain, an old friend of the First Officer's, who seeks to dig up an extremely dangerous Starfleet experiment from the 23rd century for his own ends. Meanwhile, Winter brings with him an old friend...

Other Information

Updated uniform page to display the uniforms in use on the sim. Not a major update so I figure this can go here.



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Posted: May 31, 2019 9:28 pm
Updated: May 31, 2019