USS Elysium – January 31, 2019

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

No Major website changes this month. We are in an advertising hold because we pretty much have all senior posts filled as well as a number of junior officer placements. January is often a slow month on the news front. We are honored of course to have the Elysium and her crew feature in all of the current Annual Fleet awards and are confident that those nominated were nominated with good cause. We wish everyone the best in it!

Crew Updates

We lost one player to our yearly roll call after Christmas. No new players, we are happy as we currently are. All promotions were handed out in January 🙂

Story Elements

We are wrapping up our current mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing: On most civilized planets, weather patterns are controlled and monitored. But out on the fringes, on new colonies, this is not always the case.
The Elysium is sent to assist a distant colony where vicious earthquakes are wreaking the colony. To the extent that they may need to evacuate it.

Other Information

Our monthly Stats are as follows:

Users 22 - One Lurker and One Webgenius
Playing Characters 22- One Lurker and One Webgenius
NPCs 22

Mission Posts 137
Personal Logs 8
Totals 145

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