USS Hiroshima – Jan-19

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USS Hiroshima – Jan-19

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Mostly just crew updates, for I dost not believe in downdates.

Crew Updates

We've a new Assistant Chief Engineer, one Ens. Vincent Tang, who joined us a week or so ago. There'll be a bit of rejigging with another player's character in the coming weeks, but that's a not-a-downdate for another report.

Story Elements

Caught Between Ages: Research Station Periago's environmental systems have been polluted by an unknown cataleptic agent, endangering the Hiroshima's would-be rescue teams. Meanwhile, there's something lurking in the nearby asteroid field...

Other Information

It's the new year and, as expected, things have picked up nicely on the sim. I've also been tinkering a little with OF's new recruitment functions. Lurvly stuff altogether.



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