USS Sarek- Jan-19

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USS Sarek- Jan-19

Task Force 47, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

As far as I know there's not been any major updates this month,

Crew Updates

We have removed the chief counselor as she was not active. We have advertised several open positions though a new chief counselor to support Alex Bakura (who's stepped down to a civilian position a little while ago to reduce pressure on him as author) would be very nice. Experience with either trek or simming is not a requirement, we're more than happy to help new writers.

Kentar Chinari is hitting his 12 year anniversary with the USS Sarek. he is, at present the ship's longest serving player.

Story Elements

The crew is currently trying to enjoy shore leave on Gornar, the home of our illustrious security chief. Naturally this doesn't come without a few issues.

Other Information

We're having a really slow winter where writing is concerned. I do hope that things eventually pick up.



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