USS Rhea – Jan-19

USS Rhea – Jan-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

We are rounding out the Sons of Cheron and Burnell Station and their function within the sim at large. As far as sim updates, I have a few things I want to begin testing, including an achievement system. Those just aren't ready to roll out yet.

Crew Updates

Due to the dreaded RL commitments, we have lost our Chief Engineer, Lieutenant JG Shairo. We wish the player the best. Outside of that, no new characters have been added.

To fill out the DH roster, I would love to have a Counselor and the Chief Engineer spot is newly opened and definitely needed. We are also on the lookout for other officer positions as well as civilian jobs. Also, our science station and antagonists, the Sons of Cheron, offer more opportunities to world build and tell stories.

Story Elements

We are currently in Episode 2, "Ticket to Ride," of our current season. The Captain is taking a number of the senior staff with him to celebrate the OF New Year in a good old fashioned train robbery on the holodeck. The rest of the crew will be stuck studying a nebula as the ship continues to make it's way to the rendezvous point at Chandrilla IV to pick up an ambassador for a scientific symposium on Burnell Station. As with all things Trek, neither the holodeck adventure nor the nebula survey will go as planned.

Other Information

Playing Characters 10
Mission Posts 44
Avg Mission Posts / User† 4.4
Pending Applications: 0
Accepted Applications: 0
Total Applications: 0



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