USS Majestic – Jan-19

USS Majestic – Jan-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

No updates to the website except maintenance stuff which my wonderful webmaster takes care of . . . because if it were up to me we'd all be doomed. DOOMED!!!!!

Crew Updates

No crew left and we didn't gain anyone. Awards will be at the end of the mission. We could use a Counselor along with anyone in the Science or Operations divisions. Or really just anyone that likes to write and doesn't mind our wonderful little creative group here! My crew is awesome!

Story Elements

So . . . living up to my reputation as the feather captain, our ambassador has perished in a pile of feathers. Someone did him in, was it the same someone who set off the bomb in engineering? Supposedly that person is in custody. Did he have an accomplice? Or is poor Stef innocent? I am working on a news story regarding the ambassador, should probably wrap that up.

Also we've just started this holodeck post that sounds like a lot of fun using one of my NPC's who can barely tie his own shoelaces. It can go on in the background of the investigation as wanted. A Fist Full Of Datas meets Hollow Pursuits perhaps . . .

Other Information



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