– Jan-19

– Jan-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

Hello Internet!

Its been a horrible month for the SIM, with the plot almost ground to a halt due to people not really paying that much attention to tags. Some fire is being kicked however, and we *WILL* get this done!

Sadly, we've also seen the departure of our First Officer, LtCmdr. Steiger (Archie) from the SIM. She was an integral part of what made Centaurus great, and helped make the SIM what she is today. Her departure has hit me quite hard, and I am desperately sorry she's gone, but I understand her reasons. Lt. T'Shan (Conchy) has stepped up to be Acting First Officer for the remainder of this plot, due to a real need for a First Officer for the twin-story mission we have going on. This is on a probationary basis, and we'll see how he gets on.

Crew Updates


- LtCmdr. Jael Steiger, XO

Story Elements

The Centaurus has made it to the Malorus Belt and is preparing to send a team over to Gemini Colony to assist with storm preparations. Once gone, the Centaurus will head off to Virgo Colony to prevent an asteroid strike.

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