USS Pioneer – Jan-19

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USS Pioneer – Jan-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

This month the Pioneer did not have many updates to the website. In fact it was the opposite there was more of a purging. Space on the site and on the server was freed up as old information was deleted. Characters that have left the sim, pictures that are no longer used etc. Over the next month a redesign of the "Sister Ship" page will be done. I am seeking a more efficient way of achieving that page.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully there have been no departures from the Pioneer. I am happy to report that the crew seems to be very happy where they are.

Leave of Absence
The USS Pioneer currently has no one on Leave of Absence. However, due to school work our Chief Medical Officer Dr Richard Ballston has been placed on limited duty.

New Crew Members
We are excited and pleased to welcome two new characters to our ranks. The first is a returning writer, he formally wrote our XO Commander Darf Krackden. However, he had to leave the sim due to some extremely stressful life situations. We are now happy to have him back this time writing our HUMINT Agent Petty Officer First Class William Jackson. Welcome back and welcome aboard.

Also joining us is Glen Brecat Jerane as our Cardassian Defense Fleet Liaiso. The CDFL was a position that I have sought to fill for some time but had to wait for the right applicant. Glen Jerane is a great fit to this ship and has hit the ground running by jumping right into the main mission plot. Welcome aboard!

Promotions & Awards
With the promotions handed out at the end of December there were no promotions this month. However, there were two awards granted. We are pleased to announce the following:

Lieutenant Amelia Zano is granted the Non Player Character Award for her portrayal of Chloe De La Vega the USS Pioneer's barkeep.
Lieutenant Vaebn tr'Hwersuil is granted the Creativity Award for the creative ways in which he adds to large joint posts.

Open Positions
Captain's Yeoman
Marine Positions
All Enlisted Positions

Story Elements

The USS Pioneer has just been recalled from Shore Leave as Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure wrapped up. They enjoyed two weeks of rest relaxation and fun in the sun on Casperia Prime. During that time the crew discovered that something was amiss on Casperia. The staff of the resort as well as the citizens of the planet were too accommodating. However, the crew was recalled to the Pioneer before this mystery could be solved. Along the way relationships were forged and the Command Team solidified. In fact the Chief of the Boat underwent a different version of the Kobyashi Maru test.

Now the ship races to Cardassia Prime to answer a distress call from the Detapa Council. It seems that the government has been taken hostage and the Cardassian Defense Fleet is in need of assistance. Meanwhile, on Cardassia Prime a young Glen is left to sort the lies and the truths and get his people back on the right path. This is the beginning of Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard.

Post Count: 107
Playing Characters: 17
New Players: 2
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

I would like to thank my crew for getting this year off to a great start. The month of January saw the sim top 100 posts for the month for the first time since it's inception. We averaged about 6 posts per writer this month. That is beyond fantastic. I cannot thank this crew enough for telling stories that are interesting and add depth to a time frame in the Star Trek universe that can oft be overlooked.



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