USS Defiant – January 30, 2019

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

There have been several aesthetic changes to the site, mostly in terms of visuals. I am slowly working to flesh out more on board locations, as well as crew quarters assignments.
I plan to once again step up recruiting, though this has been a very successful month in that regard.

Crew Updates

We have a LOT of changes here. I’m happy to report that we had an excellent recruiting month.

We have 4 new members added to the crew! The new crew are:
Lieutenant Dante Rawlins - Chief Helm Officer
Lieutenant Niamh O'Donoghue - Chief Counselor
Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir - Chief Communications Officer
Ensign Colby Pierce - Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

We unfortunately saw the departure of one player.
Commander Gerald Holmes - Chief Medical Officer (due to long term inactivity)

In addition to new player characters, we saw a wave of new NPC character creation or expansion of side characters into NPCs!
Lieutenant Andromeda Sheffield - Assistant (and Interim) Chief Medical Officer
Ensign Claire Lafayette - Science Officer
Ensign Kalvin Reed - EMT
Petty Officer 1st Class Amelia Redgrave - Security/Tactical Officer
Crewman Apprentice Jovani Carter - Security/Tactical Officer

Positions we are seeking most:
Chief Medical Officer
Assistant Chief Science Officer or one of our Science Specialists
Chief Intelligence Officer
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
Assistant Chief Helm Officer

A few promotions will be taking place soon, but I'll include them on next month's report.

Story Elements

Things have been very busy on Defiant.

The parasite infestation on Starbase Arcadia has come to a head and the station has dissolved into outright violence. The Defiant crew are being pushed to their limits, trying to gain access to their ship, which had been locked in a baryon sweep. The Defiant crew are completing numerous objectives to release the vessel and make it livable again, but its a race against time. The parasites are going to attempt an act of biological warfare against Qo'nos which would lock the Federation and Klingons in an endless war. To prevent a catastrophe of galactic proportions, the Defiant crew needs to stop the parasites by defending their old foes.

Other Information

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