Haumea Colony – January 31, 2019


Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

Haumea has been plugging along just fine, as we shift from being on the Io to existing on Haumea Colony itself. Acclimating everyone to new positions and starting up the plot has been a rocky go, but there have been quite a few bumps this month. The primary bump has to do with some technical issues, so the whole site has moved itself to a Nova setting, and now we're play by nova. This should help us see an upswing in activity for the future months.

Crew Updates

Diane Kent, our intrepid reporter, has taken on the role of press secretary! Woo!

Open Starfleet Positions
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Flight Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Intelligence Consultants
And many more!

Open Civilian Positions
Council Members
Flight Operations Team
Civilian Engineering Corps
Lead Scientist
Head of Hospital
and your ideas!

Story Elements

The shift to our first mission, Deep Freeze, has been slow, especially as we close our the last few straggler posts of Groundwork. However, it won't take long for us to amp it up! With a starship crash being investigated and the weather chilling everyone out, we will soon have quite a few plot bunnies to work ourselves through!

Other Information

Post count was at 3 with a 5 (ish) participation. There were unforeseen leaves and other circumstances that made it difficult for us to complete posts, but rest assured we are working toward having more in the next month!

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