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USS Gladiator – July 2020

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USS Gladiator – July 2020

Sim Updates

Longstory short. Gladiator is returning to Obsidian Fleet. We lost 3 players from the transfer and I will be starting recruiting here soon. A new mission will begin shortly which makes adding new players a perfect time to do so.

Crew Updates

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer

Commander Tayla d'Jax
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander Talval Qin
Second Officer

Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant JG Alexander 'Xander' Bori M.D.
Chief Counselor

Patrick Shark
Infiltration Specialist

Lieutenant JG Elodia Jones
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Story Elements

Gladiator is returning from a round trip to and from the Delta Quadrant testing out her QSD. As she is just now getting assigned to the Fleet, the Gladiator and her crew should not have much of an impact on the fleet as a whole. But possible plots and ideas are being discussed for more plots involving expansion into the Delta Quadrant for the fleet. But obviously won't be acted upon unless fleet approves.

Other Information

Only thing that I can add to this thus far is that we have hit a rough patch but are slowly picking up pace. That will also involve recruiting as well for major department positions.



Submitted By: Hawkins
Posted: August 1, 2020 5:38 am
Updated: August 1, 2020