– January 29, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

Last month the website has seen a number of changes. I’ve did some beautification to the manifest as well as create a roomnumber system and add that together with the duty shift and security level to the bio page of the characters. Also added a city counsil to the colony.
I also fiddled around with our discord channel. Installed a bot to the channel that will get the feed from our site to discord. And also used that same bot to make a room for the post of the other ships in our Task Group.
And the third thing I’ve done was create a Facebook page for our ship and used it for recruitment. In time I plan on using it a bit more active.

Crew Updates

We got three new players this month:
Lt. Ishresse sh’Thiasross – Chief Diplomat
Lt. jg Nehini Naix – Chief Counselor
SCPO Erik Thorson – Chief Engineer

Positions we could really use are one of the many research position that we have available. And that of Assistant Research Director.

Story Elements

S01E01: The First Quarter – A mission where we focus on introducing our characters and our NPC’s as well as establishing the station and colony’s background. We also hope to establish in this mission the place the station will play as a center for the other ships in the Task Group.

The mission progresses as hoped. Many new site plots are being worked on.

Other Information

Number of Posts: 14
New applicants: 3
Pending applicants: 0

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