– Mar-19

– Mar-19

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

Nothing is visible just yet, but I've been planning several aesthetic and text changes to the main page and sim description page in preparation for our "Season 3" change of pace. These will most likely be implemented in the next month, as our Episode and Season plots are coming to a close shortly.

I've been working to improve Defiant's presence on Obsidian Fleet's site with the new functionality.

Crew Updates

We unfortunately had a departure. Michaela Holland, our Chief Engineer, has departed the sim. We will be seeking to fill that position.

In terms of promotions, our XO Maralen Seitha, has finally been promoted to Lt. Commander. It was delayed for in-game reasons, but has been made official.

We are looking to highlight the following open positions:
Chief Engineer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer
One of our Science Specialists Positions (or a position upon request)
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

Story Elements

Our Season 2 arc is coming to close in the next handful of posts.

In a desperate fight over Qo'nos that made use of some creative tactics, the USS Defiant has managed to disable the Indomitable and prevent the spread of the biological weapon. However, they aren't out of the woods just yet. The leader of the parasite infected Indomitable crew has escaped to the surface, necessitating a covert team from Defiant to make it to the surface and eliminate her. Meanwhile, the crew must find a way to expose the infected leader among the Klingon forces in an attempt to broker an uneasy peace. Failure on either objective could cause the entire situation to spiral into violence again. If the Defiant and her crew expect to make it back Federation space ever again, they must stay one step ahead of their adversaries.

Upon the conclusion of this, we will be entering a brief lull as we prepare for a slightly more episodic "Season 3".

Other Information



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