USS Rhea – Mar-19

USS Rhea – Mar-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

I finally completed the wiki, not that anyone reads them. Outside of that, we have not spent much time this month upgrading the site. We are in a good spot and I do have a few plans to upgrade things in the nearish future.

Crew Updates

We got a new Chief Engineer, Lt JG John Warren joined this month.
Ensign Beatriz Stavi was OOC promoted to Chief Flight Control Officer, which will be made IC between missions
We lost our previous Chief Flight Control Officer, Lt JG Shakar Jontar due to the dreaded RL lack of time.

I'd really like to have a Counselor and another player or two to really act as an independent plot driver.

Story Elements

We are just completing our current mission. We have successfully negotiated with the photonic beings and the crew has successfully completed the holodeck adventure without casualty. All that's left for us to do is post.

As for our next mission, I'm hoping that it will be a successful mix of elements of a few of my favorite episodes. Commodore Adamya will be confronted with ghosts from his past as the Rhea is called upon to aid the still recovering Cardassians as they hunt a rogue Gul. We still have to hammer out a few details, but it looks to be a promising mission that has implications for the future of the Rhea as well as the borderlands region.

Other Information

This month was a banner month for the Rhea, and I couldn't be more proud of the crew. Here are the relevant stats:

(As of 29 March)
Playing Characters: 11
Mission Posts: 71
Applications Received: 1
Applications Approved: 1
Applications Pending: 0



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