Langley Station – Mar-19

Langley Station – Mar-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

For the last few months the command team has been working behind the scenes on a number of things, a few of which have been implemented or will be in the coming week.

We’ve rearranged the manifest (and adding another manifest in the process). We’ve moved the Strategic Ops position into a subdivision of Command, together with the tactical personnel. Also combined the departments of Operations and Engineering to the new Station Operations department. We felt that would fit better in our writing environment.

I’ve also redone the wiki’s mainpage and rearranged it structure. In the coming month I hope to review each existing page and create many new pages.

We’re also about to introduce two new crew awards. The character and post in the spotlight. Each three months the command team will choose a post from the 3 months before and a character who they think was the best and deserves to be in the spotlight.

We’ve got a new garrison ship, the USS Sedna.

I’ve also did some practical things to the website. Redid the main page, added links to the current missions in the nav bar. Added submissions for the Sedna and the Canterbury.

Also did a new round of recruiting on various platforms.

And lots of other stuff, but more about that in the next report.

Crew Updates

We got a Assistant Chief Security Officer. And then two days later she left again. So that position is still open.

Our top open positions for now are that of Director of Civilian Affairs and Chief of Station Operations.

Story Elements

Mission is going on steady. Just posted 4 more parts of the big opening party. We’ve started planning of what is going to happen in the second part of our 3-month episode.

We’re also planning a new mission for the Canterbury, which will be a survey mission of 6 nearby planets that will take about 4 (IC) months and will have some of Langley’s research crew join.

And we’re going to start Sedna’s first mission, as soon as I got all the websity stuff finished.

Other Information

As mentioned before we’ve been working on a lot of things at once right now. The next few months will hopefully see a lot of improvements and interesting new things coming to Langley.

Number of Posts: 23
New applicants: 1 (and 0)
Pending applicants: 1



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