USS Apollo- Mar-19

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USS Apollo- Mar-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47B

Sim Updates


Crew Updates

Lieutenant JG Addison MacKenzie joined us as our Chief Medical Officer.

Story Elements

"The Edge of Yesterday"

With the Apollo repaired and her crew somewhat put together, she is sent off on her newest assignment. The Captain will be watched closely as Brett Watson is under probation given review of his actions and decisions in the last year. The core of his senior staff is still together, but there is a lot of work to do in rebuilding the family of a crew he once had. Starfleet is sending the Apollo due to their involvement (albeit unapproved) in Cardassian affairs in the events of "Defiled" and "A Less than Perfect Union." Captain Watson and his crew are to figure out the cause of the disappearances, the latest of which is of the Olympic class ship the USS Phillips. Currently, the crew is in the middle of an away mission aboard a hijacked freighter in order to prevent it from being taken and to rescue any crewmen still alive.

Other Information

This was a very good month for the Apollo in terms of posting levels and engagement.



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