USS Triton – May 2020

USS Triton – May 2020


Sim Updates

Our third month in operation was a very successful one and saw the group really swing into action. We closed out our RIO mission, Mission 00: Tick-Tock, and distributed awards for it. We launched our first official mission, Mission 01: Entropy, and our post count and word count both increased substantially this month as a result.

Crew Updates

"The Captain's Personal Merit award for Mission 00 went to Paul for his contributions with Zyrra Thelin, our local sassy Andorian. He had valuable and inventive involvement in the mission's plot, and he also met the challenge of writing an often difficult species to play. Did you know there are only three other Andorian player characters in the whole fleet? I'm looking forward to seeing more of Zyrra sassin' in action!"
Commander Soraya Rezvani (Bryan); Lieutenant Commander Vriaral Dariars (Becca); Ensign Zyrra Thelin (Paul); and Senior Chief Petty Officer Jaylen Elam (Malcolm) received the "Cut the Green Wire" awared for participating in defusing a protomatter bomb aboard the ship.
The following crew members received the "Port of Call - SB50" award for making a post aboard SB50: Senior Chief Petty Officer Jaylen Elam (Malcolm) for "Arrivals"; Commander Soraya Rezvani (Bryan) for "Inviting Darkness," "Quality Officers," "Masterful Musical Meetings," and "An Even(ish) Trade"; Lieutenant Commander Vriaral Dariars (Becca) for "Inviting Darkness"; Ensign Zyrra Thelin (Paul) for "Quality Officers"; Lieutenant Commander Hanuel Seong (Shi) for "Masterful Musical Meetings"; Lieutenant JG T'savo (Arlie) for "Unto the Breech" and "An Even(ish) Trade."
The entire crew up to this point was awarded the Triton's Conch award, given to the founding players of the Triton in recognition of their support, commitment, and contributions to making the simulation a success.

Story Elements

We've launched our first mission, Mission 01: Entropy. The crew is diverted from a routine survey mission to Cardassian space to investigate strange occurrences at the colony on Arsakon VII, where people, buildings, and crops have experienced rapid and random aging. The colony is the largest producer of kanar in the Cardassian Union and forms a vital part of trade routes to the Gamma Quadrant, making it strategically important to the Detapa Council and Starfleet.

At the moment, the engineering staff is looking into infrastructure at the central kanar warehouse; science is looking into the effects of the phenomenon on crops; security is investigating reports of Breen activity in the system; and medical is performing a case study on a young child who's aged from six months to six years overnight.

Other Information

We had fantastic numbers this month! Our word count was up by 120% of the April values, and we saw an even larger spike in the number of posts produced in May (44 versus April's 14). I think it's attributed largely to the better direction provided by the current mission and our players finding their feet. The big surge in active users in April certainly helped, too, as activity started in that month is reflected in May's postings.


Commander Soraya Rezvani
Commanding Officer
USS Triton NCC-62389



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