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Sim Updates

We had no major updates to the simm's site, or its content this month. I am very pleased with the site in its current form, so now it's just maintaining and updating. That is until I change my mind on something. With the start of the holiday season I really didn't want anything too big, or daunting in the simm till the new year

Crew Updates

This month saw the removal of Kala Anjar (Science Officer) due to going AWOL and the addition of no new players in November.

Sha'nae Ba'au (CEO) was awarded the Creativity Award from the Executive Officer - "For her series of "Cardassians Suck" posts during "Blast of the Past". They were an excellent read and a gave a good view into her character's past."

Open Positions
Chief Science Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical
..and many more

Story Elements

Current Mission: Blast From The Past
Start Date 10/03/2018

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” ~ Marcus Garvey

Fresh from their shoreleave on Earth, the Nogura is ordered to the Carlson Nebula to investigate several strange readings recently picked up on long range scans. It is a simple mission and after the events on Prolla 5, the crew is rather pleased. Upon arrival at the Nebula, Harrington orders each department into their assigned task. However, before the crew can begin their work an unknown energy wave engulfs the ship rendering the crew unconscious. Each member of the crew awakens at a specific point in their past that had a significant impact on their character’s present. Unable to effect, alter, or change the events of the past; the affected crew is fated to live these events all over again.

After coming to terms with their past, the crew awakens to find themselves in the exact moment of their arrival at the Carlson Nebula. With no explanation or reason for how this took place, the Nogura begins their scan of the Nebula only to find all the previous strange readings now gone. Launching a probe, Harrington orders the Nogura to remain and analyze the data. But is all what it really seems? Or did something happen, that no one is aware of?


Our current mission was a gamble, after having several missions that required joint posting, the Command Staff wanted to attempt a mission that would allow for more solo posting and character development. Thus the "Blast From the Past" Mission was written, allowing for players to dive into their character's past and really tell a story. This mission was very successful for some and several players really got involved.

As the Commanding Officer I would like to thank the following players for their role in creating some great stories to read:

- Adira Toril "The Man Who Loved Your Mother" Series
- Liam Reynolds "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" Series
- Sha'nae Ba'au "Cardassian's Suck" Series

For their work in the mission all three have been awarded the Captain’s Personal Merit Ribbon for their efforts and hard work.

Other Information

Per a vote of the crew, there will be no new mission until the start of the new year, 2019! Looking into 2019, we will be taking the ship and her crew on a story arc to an Alternate Reality, a mirror universe. There has been lots of planning and work put into this Arc, and I can't wait to see how it plays out. And what lasting effects it will have on crew *inserts evil grin*

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