USS Endeavour – Nov-18

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USS Endeavour – Nov-18

Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

No changes or alterations this month for the Endeavour's web presence. The Discord remains active and the website functional; however, I am considering a new Nova site in the near future.

Crew Updates

No new or departing crew this month. We've seen some great joint posts from players this month and gotten the opportunity to learn more about individual crew member histories and interests. The crew were forced into an unexpected combat situation and it gave the players a good chance to explore how their characters handle themselves when the commanding officer is incapacitated. We are still on the hunt for a Chief Security and Tactical Officer.

Story Elements

We are continuing onto the next phase of our Season 4 piracy arc. After licking their wounds and repairing the ship, the crew is on course to the Zidell Shipyards in orbit of Chamballa IV ambushed by the same pirates that attacked the Endeavour and several convoys passing through the region. This links up the Endeavour's current story arc with the news items posted over the last several months.

Season 4 Pitch:
Season 4 Pitch:

With attention turned toward the Romulan Relief Effort, piracy has taken hold of the critical trade lanes between the fledgling Cardassian Union and United Federation of Planets. Emboldened by the absence of Starfleet and Federation security forces, pirates and separatists have launched increasingly daring raids against Federation and Cardassian merchant vessels. Two weeks ago a pirate organization known as The Corsairs destroyed four Federation-flagged transport ships and severally damaged the USS Vancouver.

The Endeavour’s mission is threefold: (1) Protect critical aid convoys destined for Cardassia, (2) determine the source of the pirate attacks, and (3) neutralize the pirates’ base of operations. To aid in its mission, Starfleet Command assigned a detachment from the United Federation of Planets Frontier and Trade Authority (UFP FTA) to assist the Endeavour’s crew in the investigation and interdiction. Two FTA patrol cutters (USS Jaguar and USS Puma) have been tasked to supplement the Endeavour’s efforts in the sector.

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