USS Elysium – Nov-18

USS Elysium – Nov-18

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

So I was a busy bee -sort of- and finally got the current specs and deck listing of my wonderful Elysium class up onto the site as well as some tour images.

Crew Updates

Well what an exciting month for us. 2 new players, two returning players and one departure.

We welcome back the following:
Commander Aurelia Holmes - Chief of Security and Tactical
Lieutenant Ian Murphy - Academy Instructor-Science track.

New players:
Petty Officer 2nd Class Kaywin-Li Fray - Damage Control Specialist
Lieutenant JG Alexander Foulkes - Astrometrics Officer

The departure was our former acting chief of Security Felicity Kaz, who was removed due to lack of communication and posting.

Story Elements

Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing

Mission Summary
On most civilized planets, weather patterns are controlled and monitored. But out on the fringes, on new colonies, this is not always the case. The Elysium is sent to assist a distant colony where vicious earthquakes are wreaking the colony. To the extent that they may need to evacuate it.

Its moving along and posts are coming out as the crew explores things 🙂

Other Information

I have also informed my crew of our holiday policy which we adhere to over the next few weeks. : Here on the Elysium, we recognize that the holiday season is an important time for all concerned regardless of race, religion and creed. Thus with this in mind, from the 12th of December, the posting regulations will be relaxed to allow for those who need to, to travel and to spend time with their families. During the period 12th of December until the 3rd of January, players are not required to post, but may do so, if they wish. On the 4th of January the posting regulations will be back in force and a roll call will be issued. Players will be expected to reply to the roll call within a 7 day period and also expected to post 1 solo post within 7 days after the resumption of normal posting regulations.

Our Data:

Users 20 - 1 Lurker
Playing Characters 20 - Sharr as our Lurker
NPCs 19
Mission Posts 63 - A bit down on last month but who cares! We have 20 great writers on our game! Posts are quality and fun!
Personal Logs 4
Totals 67
Avg Mission Posts / User† 3.15
Avg Personal Logs / User† 0.2
Avg Entries / User† 3.35



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