USS Sarek- Nov-18

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USS Sarek- Nov-18

Task Force 47, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

There have been no major changes to the simm's site or web presence.

Crew Updates

We haven't lost any people thankfully, but we're very happy to have acquired a new marine CO and a new chief counselor.

With the acquisition of a new chief counselor, Alexander Bakura is now formally stepping back to a low-requirement civilian position to accomodate a busy RL schedule and still have fun to do some occasional writing.

Our chief of science is still on ELOA due to his busy RL work schedule and his academic demands. He does occasionally check in to try and write some.

Story Elements

We're currently closing up on our current mission, which will now take us away from the seemingly abandoned space station. To offer our new arrivals some playing ground and the rest some relief, we are now heading towards Gornar.

Other Information

November has been relatively slow and I have no doubt things will slow further with the holiday season coming up. With 24 posts however I'm quite happy.



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