USS Hiroshima – Nov-18

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USS Hiroshima – Nov-18

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

The intangible, yet perceptible, nature of existence is something of a contradiction at times, with no discernible qualities beyond what we believe those qualities to be - up, down, yes, no, yesterday, the Tuesday after the appointment with the doctor about that "thing". You know the thing. Updates to the Hiro's website fall very much in this category. If there is such a thing as a "fall".

Crew Updates

No changes here. After our XO's departure last month, I've been holding that spot as pending while I plan a few things. Because I'm dastardly that way. And lazy. Mostly lazy.

Story Elements

The Hiroshima has travelled to Research Station Periago in the Mas Masach System, an out-of-the-way medical facility that is home to nothing of note. Except, that is, for the company of Gorn special forces who have just boarded it.

Other Information

The higher gear mentioned in previous reports began to materialise this month, but there's always room for improvement.



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