November Report – USS Copernicus

November Report – USS Copernicus


Sim Updates

Prologue mission (Phoenix From The Ashes) now complete. A total of 8 actual posts which allowed us to set the scene on the sim.
Mission Number 1 (Echoes Of An Empire) has now gone live.
Recruitment continues for the few remaining Chief Positions.
No awards for ship or crew as we are such a new sim.
No new website updates other than adding NPC's to flesh out our own creative resources.

Crew Updates

Complete crew manifest as it stands as I am still figuring out how to navigate the OF back stage area:

Lieutenant Commander Keiben - Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Tamaska Holt - Executive Officer
Lieutenant Melanie D'BrooNi - CMO and 2nd Officer
Ensign Sher'rah Verona - Chief Security Officer
Ensign Junjie Han - Chief Science Officer
Chief Jonathan Stoun - Chief Engineer

One of these number has yet to post or log in to the site but for the time being I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. This will be monitored.

Story Elements

Setting the scene and explaining how Commander Haistro, Lieutenant Holt and Doctor D'BrooNi find themselves in their positions as they now stand on USS Copernicus. Having help from another TF47 vessel to 'rescue' the Copernicus from it predicament and a formative exploration of PTSD with some NPC's and One Major Character that will become an extended story for that character. Bringing in two of the crew that joined during the prologue mission and finding ways to introduce them without jarring the story telling as it was at the time. Mission 1 will see them join the Copernicus actual in the beginning stages. We also set the scene for a later mission that will make use of the Hunley Shuttle that seems to be as standard with a Nova Class Compliment of Shuttles. On top of all of this we have introduced what appears to be a Romulan ship but we have been very vague with this so far. In time this will develop into a larger story element that will run across the main part of Copernicus stories along with our primary mission to unearth ruins and the mysteries of the T'Kon Empire (Ref: Star Trek TNG Episode: Last Outpost - Season 1)

Other Information

Having discussed with Commander Melody Jones of the USS Merlin we have tentatively made arrangements to work on a Joint Mission at some point in the future. Very much a David and Goliath finally working together type mission. No solid details at this point as Copernicus needs to bed itself in with its characters first before we even think about this so at the very least it will be two or three missions down the road.

I will get to updating the OF Website with the crew manifest... I just request that you give me some time to get my head around that side of things. I managed to get my own character on their... I think!



Submitted By: Drewby1701
Posted: November 28, 2020 11:43 am
Updated: November 30, 2020