Obsidian Command – 1/6/18

Obsidian Command – 1/6/18

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Added the Privacy Policy and generally tidied this up with the regulation updates. We've decided to restructure a little bit after the last mission so converiting StratOps to a more general Ops position, and combining the Security and Non-Starfleet security groupings into a single one much like DS9 had it.

Crew Updates

Moved a number of people to the inactive list, opening up some spaces for new blood. With the departure of our Romulan PCs and the arrival of a shiny new CMO we've adjusted accordingly and as above changed the structure to accommodate this.
With the end of the current mission I've asked the XO to update our awards page and we can think about nominations for this over the next few weeks.
We'd really like another one or two active players - at the moment we have a core group of 3-4 very active with some 2-3 fringe players. A security or operations officer would be wonderful.

Story Elements

With Federation Day drawing to a close, the hidden mole on Obsidian Command turns out to be one of their own: Alex Wood, a trusted friend through hard times, is revealed as the previously unknown murderer of a Starfleet Commander. Operating under the orders of the mysterious agent Vale, he finally reveals himself to be Thomas, a member of the Penumbra terror group. In his attempt to escape he is killed, finally putting an end to whatever unknown goals he was hoping to achieve.
The rescue attempt for Major Sharpe continues, but will the marines reach him in time?
And the CMO Dr Sanderson and Commander Lance clash when a boy arrives on the station that has been illegally augmented; is sending the boy off to a lab to be experimented on the morally correct decision?
And in the aftermath of the chaos, Lt Porter suffers a tragic miscarriage...

Other Information

We racked up a sweet 53 logs in May. Not our best performance but still solid. We're hoping to have some exciting new developments and story hooks to get us back on track this month!



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