– February 28, 2018


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

The obvious major change this month is that I have taken over following the departure of Chris (Ovik). The impact is, to be honest, not too significant, but it's allowed me to make some tweaks to wording on the site as well as our application pages.

Crew Updates

We said goodbye to Captain Ovik (Chris), whom I have succeeded as CO. In my stead as XO we have internally promoted Pete (Major Sharpe), who was supporting me in an AGM fashion anyway. He has created a second character, Kerry Malone, for in-character stuffs.
Additionally we welcomed Ray to the medical team - he's a RL doctor so we figure he knows what he's doing.
Still probably looking for an engineer at some point, but there's not been a real need for one yet.

Story Elements

We have just wrapped on 'Into the Mirror', in which an ancient Romulan espionage device transferred the minds of several crew members into the bodies of their counterparts in the Mirror Universe. What followed was a voyage into darkness for some characters, facing demons they never knew they had as well as some heroics by the most unlikely of individuals.

We're in some downtime between missions at the moment and allowing a bit of a time-jump to let things settle. This has meant a lot of in-character relationships forming and breaking apart. I am constantly amazed that Starbase Loveboat, as we are calling it, has such consistently amazing character drama from some awesome writers.

Up Next: The station will play host to 'Federation Day' as we celebrate the founding of the UFP with the arrival of various dignitaries, tourists and entertainers. Who knows what might happen...?

Other Information

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