Obsidian Command – 30/4/18

Obsidian Command – 30/4/18

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

We've shifted things around on the site so that the Marines are part of the main roster instead of a separate identity. We also have a page to remember any deceased characters that we might have had around.

Crew Updates

We've welcomed Stu, playing our new CMO Lt Commander Bree Sanderson, which has been a wonderful breath of fresh air.
Sadly we've removed the former CMO and one of the civilians due to inactivity.
We're planning to shift things around structurally, so that our super-active non-Starfleet security character becomes a little bit like our 'Odo' and will oversee all security on the station despite not being strictly a Starfleet Security officer. There are some useful reasons for doing this both in and out of character.
Our resident Romulan entourage has jumped-ship, so we've cleansed a lot of the Romulan NPCs with them.

Story Elements

The event has gone spectacularly well, however there was the revelation that Federation Councilwoman Sal Kiiwix, now running for the Federation Presidency, broke the Prime Directive for personal gain. The crew was held a little bit to ransom by her security advisor, Commander Jason Samuels - an old friend of Commander Lance.
After he threatened to bring harm to the innocent friends and family of senior personnel on the station, Cmdr Samuels has been found dead in his quarters - apparently murdered. Evidence discovered so far leads to the conclusion that a member of the crew may well have been responsible...
In the background, a shadowy agent on the station has been plotting with the crew's old nemesis...
The Chief Science Officer takes possession of a suspicious crate from an even more suspicious businessman...
And with the lives of many of his marines in the balance, an augmented Major Sharpe fights to survive in the Death Dome, as a rescue party speeds to his aid - hoping to arrive before anything more serious happens to him...

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