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Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Switched-out the Marines sub-page on the manifest and replaced this with an 'Ad Memoriam' page for deceased/former characters to go in case we want to reference them.

Crew Updates

Our newbie Ray didn't last long - he sent his apologies and departed mid-month due to RL things. Our Counsellor decided to become an Engineer as she felt this would help get more involved in plots.

Open roles right now: Chief Engineer, Flight Control/Starfighter crew, civilians always welcomed.

There are a couple of shall we say 'silent partners' who are sitting in the background and not really contributing. We may see these leave at some point in the next month.

Story Elements

It's Federation Day! Federation Council member Sal Kiiwix and a massive entourage have descended on Obsidian to help celebrate the founding of the Federation. This has led to both the stress caused by so many new arrivals as well as the joy of being able to part and holiday. In the midst of this, the Councilwoman has launched a campaign to run for Federation President, however evidence has come to light that she previously violated the Prime Directive for her own benefit - so now under threat of blackmail and the potentially career-ending impact of their decision, will the crew out the corrupt official?
Meanwhile a group of Marines from the station have been kidnapped and forced to compete in the 'Death Dome' bloodsport, and some of the crew are about to set out to rescue them.

Other Information

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