Obsidian Command – September 2, 2018


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Still waiting for a fix to our manifest page...it's looking in pretty poor shape at the moment and I need the person who has the FTP access to resolve.
Also submitted a request to increase our Sim Rating; given the nature of our most recent plots it has become a little 'edgier' than before and so we're after a more mature rating to match.

Crew Updates

Sadly we've lost our CMO. This means we've lost 3 medical officers this year...erk...
I'm optimistic when it comes to recruitment as there has been interest - however this hasn't always translated to a formal application to the station.
We're very short on actual PCs right now - a lot of NPC coverage! - but we're in the market for a good Medical/Counselling officer, Engineers, Operations specialists, or civilians that might want to come our way.

Story Elements

"The Admiral's Daughter" continues...
- The Search-and-Rescue has come up short but video evidence links a mysterious suspect in the disappearance of Admiral Broll's daughter Kris to the Onyx Hotel, based on the surface of Loki III.
- Having infiltrated the Onyx to investigate, detectives Annie Ayers and Steve Sawyer are discovered and captured by the mysterious Adam Cross, who has been drugging and hypnotizing guests into becoming slaves he can sell on the black market.
- Meanwhile, Major Richard Sharpe has succeeded in overcoming the Federation's legal case against his forced augmentation, just in time to help the crew's investigation and rescue of the missing investigators.

Other Information

Realistically we're down to about 5-6 active players at the moment and a heap of NPCs from those.
Sim Posting count is at 85 for the month (despite me being missing for a portion of it). I'm incredibly proud of the small group we have here, it's great writing with them.

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