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Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Since we are new, a great deal of content could go in here. We have transitioned from the August's site and have moved over to the new site. We have finished up our prior mission with the Romulans and are settling in to the new station as we speak. We also welcomed a few new crew, notably an engineer, a security officer, and an entire Marine contingent. More can be see on these new crew here.

I have worked on a lot of tour items and specifics for the Nova theme as well as creating a decent OOC experience for getting around the site. I welcome tweaks and suggestions from the crew and visitors alike.

Crew Updates

As I said, we welcomed everyone over from the August except a few, but they have either moved into new positions or have just recently been in contact (like, last night - yay!). And we welcomed in our new people mentioned above. I am pleased with Kerry (Marine Captain Sharpe) who will be working closely with Brig. Gen. MacTaryn on Marine canon and working together there. That will be fun to see.

There are no promotions... yet, although we did have awards for the mission's "MVP" and service awards as well as Crew's Choice. I hope to see more Crew's Choice nominations after this next mission, as we need more nominations.

Story Elements

Right now we are still getting settled with our New Tour Orders mission, but will begin our Puzzle Begins mission (may split into two missions running parallel) very soon. The briefing JP shall begin any day now. You can find out more details below.

Other Information

We are strongly working to rope in several sims and their canon with the Romulans. We are starting with the Romulans because of the interesting Hobus story-telling, the proximity of OC to the RNZ, and a deep love of Romulans by several us, including myself and Admiral Sharr. I know other sims have had deep stories with the Romulans (e.g., Roanoke), so hopefully we can work together as a Fleet to get things going and develop their canon for us moving forward.

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