Obsidian Command – August 1, 2018


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Not much to say here. The manifest page is still a little broken after the Nova update though.

Crew Updates

We welcomed a new Flight Leader for our starfighters, but also lost our Counsellor/Assistant Engineer...
Given the state of things we could really do with a couple of extra bodies that can commit to posting fairly regularly and help the core players keep things fresh.

Story Elements

"The Admiral's Daughter"
- Retired Admiral Broll's daughter Kris, recently married, is honeymooning on the surface of Loki III with her new husband. However, after an accident they are overdue to return and so the Admiral calls-upon the station commander to lead a search-and-rescue effort. The couple themselves awaken to find they are now prisoners of the mysterious Mr Cross...
- A relatively new detective duo make in-roads into a people-trafficking operation running out of the planet - is it connected?
- The trial of Major Richard Sharpe continues - will a man augmented against his will be forced to lose everything he holds dear?

Other Information

Although the site shows we have 11 active users, about 4 of them are those pesky JFC-types. 😉
Currently Obsidian Command is running with about 5 reasonably active players and a few others. However, our posting output for the last month came out at 94 mission posts between us.

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